Waa Snack Box - RICE GREY

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Waa Snack Box - RICE GREY


- 30x delicious snacks Korean snacks that have been chosen by Kpop stans in Saudi Arabia

- Become part of a community of over 1,000 members in Saudi Arabia. When we do our private K-themed events, You are the first to know!

- Educational resources that will help you learn Korean

- Pre-release membership. You are automatically added to this list if you have bought a box from us. Whenever we release a new item, you get access first.


Korean snacks are delicious, new and different. Korean snacks are soft, elegant and tasty. It is all about texture and subtle flavors that take you on a steady but beautiful journey. These are not like American snacks that are filled with lots of sugar and overbearing. You feel good after eating them!


Waabox contains 30 delicious Korean items. Handpicked all the way from Seoul delivered to your door step.These items were selected by the Saudi Korean community to contain the best mix of Korean snacks and sweets.


1x Honey Butter Chips

These are the most famous and sought-after chips in Korea. These light, salty and sweet tasting chips leave a sweet buttery aftertaste in your mouth. Some people like eat it with vanilla ice cream too.

1x Rice Crackers

A traditional Korean crunchy rice cracker that is sweetly coated in honey leaving a smooth feeling in your mouth.

3x Butter Cookie Waffles

Premium butter cookie waffles made with luxurious dutch butter.

5x Plum Candy

Hard boiled candy that work great as a pallet cleanser between the different snacks.

4x Couque D’asse White

Couque in Korean is also known as crumble. This snack is known to crumble softly in your mouth leaving you with a rich texture.

4x Hiem Choco

Delicate cream filled wafer biscuit cookies with two flavour, white hazelnut cream and chocolate hazelnut cream. Great for dipping in your tea or milk. 

2x Market O Real brownie

You will either love these or hate these! (We are just being honest). These Korean brownies that have an interested after taste. Due to their distinct taste Koreans have been known to break them into small pieces add them to milkshakes. Let us know what you think!

2x Hot Chocolate Original

For those who like to really taste their chocolate in their drinks, this is perfect for you. A full, wholesome, rich chocolate flavor in your drink.

2x Hot Chocolate Mild

This is a calmer milder version. This hot chocolate tastes more like a latte without the caffeine, so you wont be kept up at night

4x Iced Tea Peach

Cool, refreshing with a soft sweetness. Korean Ice tea is perfect for the summer. Make sure you have it with ice!

2x Mystery items

Every box comes with 2 mystery items. These can be anything from Korea! Everybox has a different mystery item