[MAXIM] Supreme Gold Coffee Mix - 100ea

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[MAXIM] Supreme Gold Coffee Mix - 100ea

  • Maxim Supreme Gold, a premium coffee mix that allows you to feel the flavor of smooth coffee in your mouth. After dark roasting, coffee that boasts a deep and rich aroma and fresh milk creamer meet.
  • You can feel the flavor of coffee and the soft sweetness of latte cream at the same time. It has a richer and richer milk flavor due to its high content of milk ingredients. It can be easily enjoyed at any time in the form of a coffee mix, so when you need caffeine refill, have tea time with Maxim Supreme Gold.
  • How To Make :
    1. Put 1 bag of Supreme Gold into the mug com.
    2. Add hot water (90-100ml) and melt it well.
    3. Enjoy the deep scent and taste of Maxim Supreme Gold.

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